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CCNA Exam: Cisco Certified Network Associate

Q; You download a file from an FTP site on the Internet. What is the highest layer in the OSI model used in this FTP operation?
A. Application
B. Presentation
C. Session
D. Transport
E. Internet
F. Data Link
G. Physical
Ans: A

Q; A host computer has been correctly configured with a static IP address, but the default gateway is incorrectly set. Which layer of the OSI model will be first affected by this configuration error?
A. Layer 1
B. Layer 2
C. Layer 3
D. Layer 4
E. Layer 5
F. Layer 6
E. Layer 7
Ans: C

Q; Which layer of the OSI reference model is responsible for ensuring reliable end-to-end delivery of data?
A. Application
B. Presentation
C. Session
D. Transport
E. Network
F. Data-Link
Ans: D

Q; At which OSI layer is a logical path created between two host systems named abc1 and abc2 on the Abc LAN?
A. Physical
B. Session
C. Data link
D. Transport
E. Network
F. Application
G. Presentation
Ans: E

Q; Network equipment supporting the use of flow control mechanisms has been recently installed in the Abc network. What is the purpose of flow control in a data network?
A. It ensures that data is retransmitted if an acknowledgment is not received.
B. It reassembles segments in the correct order on the destination device.
C. It provides a mechanism for the receiver to control the transmission speed.
D. It regulates the size of each datagram segment.
E. All of the above are functions of flow control
Ans: C

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